Heavy Duty Mesh

JOGANI® Heavy Duty Fiberglass Mesh

JOGANI® Heavy Duty Fiberglass Mesh are Engineering Fabric-Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber Mesh Manufactured with ARACC Technology which is very much vital for Cement base applications as Cement is highly alkaline material. JOGANI® Heavy Duty Fiberglass Mesh Coating is specially designed for Imported Specialty Chemicals which gives High strength and Durability.

JOGANI® Heavy Duty Fiberglass Mesh is manufactured from Glass Yarn with Leno Technology (same as steel reinforcement design in RCC Members). JOGANI® Fiberglass Mesh is low weight and high- strength fabric passed through the liquid bath process (LBP) to develop Alkali Resistance Properties.

JOGANI® Heavy Duty Fiberglass Mesh is manufactured and developed as high strength Wall Joint and Fiberglass Mesh resist Shrinkage, Tearing, Stretching, and Distortion, which leads to a maintenance-free, Durable Construction and Reduces the Life Cycle Cost of Building. JOGANI® Heavy Duty Fiberglass Mesh Products are recommended and compatible with both Gypsum and Cement Plasters.

JOGANI® Fiberglass Mesh absorbs tension and forms a flexible yet extremely tough and durable layer within the plaster, Facilitating adherence to a variety of Construction Materials. JOGANI® Fiberglass Mesh does not break down due to Corrosion, is Easy to Use, is Pliable, Cuts effortlessly, and Lies Flat. Zero Level Plaster is possible. JOGANI® Fiberglass Mesh exceeds all the requirements on Tensile Strength and is Resistance to Acid, Alkali, Salts, Water, fungus, and Bacteria. JOGANI® Fiberglass Mesh comes with superior Alkali Resistance Property and Reinforces Impact and Seismic Movements. JOGANI® Fiberglass Mesh is compatible with all Construction Materials and Admixtures. JOGANI® Fiberglass Mesh are user-friendly products. No need for galvanized nails or expert labor to fix it on the surface of joints. JOGANI® Fiberglass Mesh comes with a 3D Hologram in attractive packaging to ensure the original product.

Benefits Of JOGANI® Fiberglass Mesh
  • Export quality Alkali Resistance Glass Fiber Mesh
  • High tensile strength Chicken Mesh for all types of plasters and joints
  • ARACC coating for high alkali resistance and durability
  • Super flexible easily cut with normal scissors
  • Heavy-duty crack control properties
  • No nail or expert labor is required to fix it on surface
  • Zero-level plaster possible with thin JOGANI® Fiberglass Mesh
  • Protect wall surface from cracking
  • Improves mechanical properties and impact resistance
  • Reduce water permeability and maintenance cost of construction
  • Big saving on maintenance and lifecycle cost