Jogani Super Mesh

JOGANI Reinforcement Supermesh

JOGANI Super Mesh – High Quality Fiber Glass Mesh with 10mm by 10mm hole size for better Workability, Mortar Penetration and Ease of Fixing- First time In India for Controlling Cracks and Increasing Durability of Constructions.

The latest addition to its reinforcement material product line is its internationally grade Alkali Resistant ARACC Coated JOGANI Super Mesh- Fiber Glass Mesh. The high tensile strength, lightweight and high quality - highly effective in preventing wall cracking, especially at construction joints and concealed areas resulting to saving in maintenance/ repair costs. Increase in the durability of buildings and constructions.

JOGANI Reinforcement’s Super Mesh or Jogani Fiber Glass Plaster Mesh is made from fiber glass yarn using high tech weaving method and coated with alkali-resistant acrylic co-polymer coating. It is a non-metallic, inorganic material with superior mechanical properties. Having high tensile strength, ageing resistance, and resistance to acids, salt, alkali make this fabric a wonder material for all types of reinforcement and crack control in construction applications.