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About Us

JOGANI® Reinforcement is a part of diversified business group, engaged in import, manufacturing and export of Technical Textiles, Engineering Fbers, Glass Fibers Mesh, Engineering Fabrics and other reinforcement products. Innovation and technical expertise enable us to serve the industry with superior quality at competitive price.

We are supplying our reinforcement products to customers across the globe and providing third party label and packaging opportunities for varies size and specifications. Entrepreneurial spirit and constant endeavor to offer cutting age products and solutions to the industry are our key strengths.

JOGANI® Reinforcement has vast experience and expertise in the field of Engineering Fibers and Fabrics. These high quality Polypropylene, Polyfiber and Synthetic Fibers are used for tensile reinforcement and crack control in all type of PCC, RCC, PQC, FRC, Mortar, Plaster, Short crete, Precast, Cement Articles and all types of Concrete and Construction applications.

JOGANI® Reinforcement Fibers are Next Generation Engineering Fiber with high alkali resistance and high dispersion properties. We offer one stop solution for all type of Concretes and Construction Fibers including Polypropylene, Polyfiber and other Synthetic Fibers.

JOGANI® Reinforcement Fabrics are high tensile Glass Fiber Mesh and Fabrics widely used for crack control in construction joints and cancelled area.

Advance technology JOGANI® Reinforcement Fibers are safe, easy to use and complies with American Quality Standards ASTM C 1116.

The company is certified with varies quality certifications including QMS ISO 9001 and ISO14001.


Benefits of JOGANI® Reinforcement Polypropylene Fibers

• Reduces Shrinkage and Plastic settlement Cracks
• Reduces Rebound Loss in Shotcrete / Plaster
• Reduce Water Permeability
• Reduce bleeding and segregation
• Improves Ductility of Concrete
• Increase Abrasion and Impact Resistance
• Increase Flexural Toughness
• Increase thermal stress resistance

Increase Quality, Durability and Service life. Reduce maintenance and lifecycle cost of Construction


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