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PVA Fiber - Engineering Fibers

PVA Fiber

  • JOGANI® PVA Fiber
  • High strength and low elongation
  • Acid and alkali resistance: less strength loss than any other fiber at high temperature for extended period.
  • Light resistance: greatly less strength loss than other fibers after a long period of sun exposure.
  • Corrosion resistance: no mildewing, rotting and wormed damages after a long period of burial in dirt.
  • Dispersion: no adhesion, rapid dispersion in water, good compatibility with cement.

    Application of PVA Fiber

  • High Strength and High modulus Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber is an excellent substitute for Asbestos fibers and glass fibers.
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol fiber cement products are widely used in construction, such as fiber cement boards, tiles, pipes and so on.
  • High Strength and High modulus PVA fiber tow in water conservancy construction, instead of steel as reinforcement belt.
  • High Strength and high modulus PVA fiber can also be used for advanced road construction, airport runways, tunnels, bridges and other construction.
  • The Production of high Strength rope, Safety net.
  • Rubber tires with Reinforced material for Conveyor Belts, Fire Hoses, Hoses and other Preparation .
  • Plastic Reinforcements.